Yookkan, the collaborative project management tool
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The simplest and most complete project management tool

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The simplest and most complete project management tool

  • Create your project as a list of actions organized by theme
  • Opt for a personalized or Kanban organization
  • Invite your collaborators
  • Break down your actions into todo lists
  • Indicate the key dates of your actions and tasks
  • Synchronize your projects with Google Calendar, Outlook, Ical apple
  • Identify who is in charge of which action
  • Yookkan automatically builds your schedule in the form of a Gantt chart
  • Add dependencies between actions
  • If needed, export your data

Implement a collaborative and agile organization

fiche action
  • Action Schedule

    Add periods and view them automatically in the Gantt

  • Todolist

    Add tasks and assign them to a user in your project.

  • Advancement

    Create progress statuses

  • Emergency level

    Define the level of urgency for each action

  • Your employees

    Action by action, identify the key people involved

  • Discussion

    One comment area per action

  • Control

    Track budgets, resources and risks by action

  • Files

    Share and organize your files by action

Project portfolio management

Yookkan’s project manager feature allows you to set up a visual management and to identify the sequence of your different projects.

All the parties involved can identify the best periods to launch new projects.




Logiciel gestion de projets Yookkan
  • Automated macroscheduling

    The macro-planning is directly connected to your different projects. It is built automatically

  • Visualization

    View all your projects on a single schedule

  • Anticipation

    Avoid the risk of team blocking

  • Strategy

    Identify the best time to carry out your missions

Lighten your mental load

Make it easier for you to monitor and manage your projects

  • the progress of each action
  • the workload of each person
  • the identified risks
  • the time allocated per action, per project and for all projects
  • expenses and revenues
  • deliverables and key milestones
  • export this data to generate your invoices

Evaluate the workload of the teams

With the collaborative space dedicated to the workload is one of the features most appreciated by our customers: identify daily the distribution of the workload by person and by project.

This functionality is increasingly essential to anticipate the risks of work overload and to organize new projects.

  • Evaluation

    Evaluate the workload of each person

  • Visualization by employee

    Identify the workload by collaborator and by project

  • Viewing by date

    Define the workload per day per profile

  • Overall assessment

    Yookkan automatically calculates the workload of each person per day

Organize your meetings, coordinate as well as possible and focus on the essential

With Yookkan, prepare your meetings in the dedicated collaborative space:

  • share the agenda in advance
  • select the actions to be addressed
  • identify and retain the issues to be addressed
  • add attachment

Each participant in the meeting can access this space. Write the minutes live, once finished lock it, each participant has access to it and you can export it in pdf