The solution for teamwork and remote working : agile project management tools

Wekowork is designed to work remotely or in person with its team. Designed for both freelancers and corporate teams, Wekowork is a collaborative work platform offering all the functionalities to manage a project from A to Z.

Working together but remotely

Outil collaboratif en ligne

A team is increasingly geographically dispersed.

Whether you work in a communications agency, engineering firm or IT company when you need to work as a team, collaborate with other companies or with geographically distant colleagues, choose Wekowork, the first complete project management tool. Review your work organization and create an online project. Share it with your Koworkers regardless of their geographical location, you can even remotely set up all the interactions and exchanges necessary for good team cohesion.

Wekowork, generator of collective intelligence

With Wekowork, centralize all the key information of your project in one place and create a group dynamic. Foster collective intelligence by sharing your ideas, concepts and deliverables in one place. You improve the working conditions and the way your team works by grouping all the data on our platform. With Wekowork, you improve your productivity because information exchange times are reduced. Everyone is responsible for their part of the project, which leads to greater involvement.

How to work better by setting up a shared monitoring of the project’s progress

Planning to better coordinate teamwork

With Wekowork, you can structure, plan your project and share tasks between the different members of your team.

Each one indicates the key dates and milestones of its actions. This information automatically feeds the online planning and the kanban. Everyone can see the team’s progress and remains motivated. The project manager thus sets up an organizational mode that promotes transparency. Everyone can effectively manage the part of their project while working in a group.