Automate your Gantt chart

With Wekowork, automate the management of your planning

Planning a project

Are you looking for an easy way to make a gantt too? Wekowork is the solution designed for you.

  • Timeline
  • Macro-planning
  • Shared gantt
  • Dashboard
  • Time management
  • Risk management
  • Cost management
  • Todo

You can automatically build a free gantt schedule without excel files. This application is an online tool created to track all the information related to a project. This project management application offers you a range of intuitive tools to enable you to visually monitor and manage your list of tasks and projects in a team:

gestion de projet en ligne - Wekowork

Simplify project management with the automated online gantt diagram.

Follow the methodology proposed by this management software: indicate for each of the tasks you have to perform or assign to someone, the period during which you will produce them. From this information Wekowork automatically includes all your actions in the Gantt schedule.

Need to change the dates of an action, change them, the gantt and task flowchart are automatically updated online.

This gives you a global and accurate view of the project’s progress. Need to change the dates of an action planned in the gantt, drag it with your mouse, the dates change automatically in your action cards.

Project manager, mission director, freelancers, automate your project management and save time!

With the integrated gantt of our collaborative platform, avoid fishing for information. The project pilot no longer needs to call or send follow-up emails to project team members. No need to hold weekly meetings to review the progress of each other’s planned actions. The project management process is completely redesigned and automated.

Le process de gestion de projet est totalement repensé et automatisé. Chacun peut indiquer les temps estimés et enregistrer ses temps passés pour les différentes tâches qui lui sont assignées.

Grâce au diagramme de gantt partagé, chaque membre de l’équipe projet peut identifier les jalons clefs, les dépendances entre les différentes actions, les livrables attendus et les deadlines.

Collaborating with your team becomes easier

Each person identifies the theme or themes on which he or she can intervene and then breaks down this theme into a list of actions. Each action is represented as a bar in the schedule.

work together on a gantt

Each person identifies the theme or themes on which he or she can intervene and then breaks down this theme into a list of actions. Each action is represented as a bar in the schedule.

Each member of the project team then pilots the actions for which he is responsible and carries out this progress monitoring on the shared platform. The members of the project team are actors in the project and can also monitor progress. With the proposed collaborative work functionalities you have all the key data at your disposal:

  • The necessary input data
  • The advancement
  • Dependencies
  • The deliverables
  • The key dates
  • The comments
  • Everyone’s workload
  • The expenses

Develop visual management with your entire team through macro-planning and gantting.

Save time with Wekowork

Cut your meeting times in half

Wekowork is free software, integrating agile methods. It allows you to halve the number of project management meetings. You have direct access to the evolutions of the actions of each of the project members and access in real time to all the information necessary to remotely manage the project.

Benefit from the global vision of your project while monitoring the progress of each action thanks to the shared task manager. No need to write power point presentations to summarize the list of actions of each.

Quick and intuitive handling

Our application guides you step by step to make your gantt diagram easily. No more gantting under unreadable excel, with manual updates. With Wekowork you just have to break down your worksites into actions and indicate for each action and for each todo list the key deadlines. All the information is automatically integrated into your online planning.

Wekowork, cross-functionality facilitator

Plan and monitor the progress of your project online, regardless of the number of participants in the project. Need to set up a cross-functional project using the skills of different departments within a company or using different trades. Wekowork allows you to work with these different profiles without having to travel. As a result, you save time and avoid everyone having to travel.