Increase your productivity with a saas solution

How to increase your productivity simply? Gain efficiency in your project management with our SaaS project management solution. This solution accompanies you throughout your project management, provides you with the methodology necessary to structure your project, and automates your project management.

How to increase productivity with a SaaS solution?

Project structure

Better structure the work of your team

Identify all the actions to be carried out and arrange them by theme or batch in the form of a to-do list. Use the Wekowork task manager to identify who is working on what. This coordination with your colleagues or with members of your project team will allow you to better manage time and productivity gains.

Workflow coordination

Further coordinate workflows

Once the tasks to be performed have been identified, arrange them over time to ensure that they are properly coordinated. By avoiding duplication or unassigned actions, you avoid the risk of stagnation and easily increase your productivity.

Build your workflow by identifying upstream the most urgent actions. Prioritizing urgent tasks allows you to immediately start a work rhythm and improve the overall productivity of the team.

Wekowork : the platform to share your files

Gather all the information in one place

Simplify workflows by consolidating all project data into a project portfolio. No more need to send emails or create shared folders. All information is stored in your project space so you don’t have to waste time searching for who has what information or input. You gain efficiency by easily finding the information you need. Finding key information in seconds saves you from interruptions and allows you to stay focused and be more productive.

Communicate more easily with your team

Un seul outil pour gérer l’ensemble des informations

Keep your team informed by using a single tool to manage your project. The Wekowork platform allows you to share the progress of everyone’s work, comments, files. So everyone knows who is advancing on what subject and at what time, without sending emails. You avoid bottlenecks and improve your productivity. Digital transformation certainly simplifies workflows, but the coordination and good management of a team remains the main lever to improve collective intelligence.

Automate the piloting of your project

Productivity gain with a shared Gantt

Partagez le planning du projet

Your team has access to the Gantt online, regardless of its working environment (teleworking, team member on the other side of the world…). This shared Gantt is built automatically according to the information communicated by each person concerning their tasks. This functionality allows you to visualize in time all the tasks and their articulation between them. This visualization allows you to increase your productivity because the schedule information is automatically updated: no more waiting for coordination meetings or emails to find out how the project is progressing.

Save time simply by improving production factors

Automated Kanban

Have a Kanban vision

Wekowork saves you time by automating the kanban board. Indeed, the shares are automatically filed in the kanban table according to the statuses entered action by action. Work more easily by automatically receiving status updates for everyone’s task lists. This visual management feature allows everyone to identify the key tasks to be accomplished.

Manage your deadlines as well as possible

Automate the piloting of your project and gain in efficiency

Project manager simply increase your productivity. No more hunting for information to find out who has made progress on what subject. You have a live status report on the progress of each person’s actions as well as dashboards. You save time by automating the update of the Gantt and Kanban table. With this automation, the members of your project team become more responsible and your amount of project follow-up work is reduced. You can then concentrate on tasks with higher added value.

Save time

Receive key information live

With the notification system, you are informed in real time of changes and comments from project team members. No more need to hold meetings to collect this information, it is displayed directly in your dashboard and if you wish, in your inbox.