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Whether you have an event to organize for 10 or 10,000 people or whether you are in the middle of a communication and marketing campaign, the use of a project management tool is essential. Wekowork is an online work platform designed for you to easily manage a project. Need to facilitate the organization and planning of your work and that of your team? Identify the best project management tools and find the saas solution best suited to your problem.

Break down your communication strategy with project software

Collaborative tools to manage a project

Have you defined your communication plan with its main themes?

Once your communication strategy is defined, move on to the planning stage! It’s time for the project manager to break down the plan into key phases and action and task lists. Project managers, assign a start and end date for each of these tasks, for this, help yourself with an organization tool. Our project management tool is very intuitive and allows you to formalize the key steps easily. Managing a project becomes quick and easy.

Wekowork is not only a project management and project control software

Wekowork is not just an organization tool. Our collaborative platform integrates the main project management methodologies to structure your project management plan (PMP) in the best possible way, whatever your business. It integrates tools such as shared online gantt, kanban dashboards, dashboards for automated project management.

You have all the key functionalities you need to manage a project and make the right decisions at the right time. Project management becomes simple and intuitive. In a few clicks, you have an automated Gantt chart, a time management table and a list of project risks at your disposal. Conducting a project by identifying key milestones, deliverables, task lists and the role of each collaborator is done in a few minutes.

Need better resource management? With Wekowork, whatever the number of projects in your project portfolio, you can allocate and manage resources in real time. With the implementation of an online project management, you have the key information for each project:

  • time spent per action and per project
  • Dependencies between shares
  • list of completed and overdue tasks
  • number of hours consumed
  • spent budget

Identify everyone’s role with free project management software

tool organization

Communication, marketing, press relations, plan all the actions to be set up internally, with the customer and with service providers.

Distribute these actions among the different members of the project team so that everyone knows or defines his or her action plan. The managers of each batch or theme indicate the list of tasks to be carried out to achieve their objectives.

The project manager has a clear vision of the strategy of each member of the project team. The progress of the project is then shared by all.

Project managers can easily set up cross-functional management thanks to the monitoring of each person’s progress on the dashboards.

Invite your team

You want to share your action plan with your employees? Create your projects online and invite the different managers on your project. You can then share information, input data, files or deliverables. All your data is therefore centralized in one place.

Do you work on large projects? Need to coordinate the work of providers? Integrate them by sharing the link of your project with them. You can then set up a project mode operation and plan with your collaborators and service providers the key steps for the success of your company. Your project management is simplified, relations with service providers are clearer and more fluid.

Follow the progress of the shared gantt project

When you fill in all the actions to be carried out, you indicate a start date and an end date. The application, a real project management tool, automatically integrates all this information in the form of a gantt schedule. If you change the dates of your actions, the schedule is automatically updated. No more need to hold meetings to find out who has made progress on which topic. You can set up a collaborative work directly online via our application.

Need to check all the actions in progress? View them on the automated kanban or on your dashboard.

Decrease your meeting time and increase your team’s efficiency

Wekowork avoids the sticking points of your project management thanks to the shared task manager. These blockages are often linked to a lack of information and communication. The project manager can serenely manage the project without having to send emails to project team members to identify its progress. No more need to waste time in meetings to review the progress of the project. To find out who has made progress on what subject, you have all the information online. If a member needs information or input, our project management tool automatically keeps you informed. This mode of operation allows a transverse accountability of the team.

Now it’s your turn to simplify your workflow with our free project management software.