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Structure and organise your work with your team

With Yookkan, organise and assign tasks to employees, create Kanban boards easily to identify and prioritise the actions to be taken…

Customer experience
Yookkan is essential for identifying the actions and tasks to be implemented per project. We use it to prepare and monitor marketing campaigns for our various clients. Organising and assigning tasks between collaborators from the start of our projects has made us more efficient. I particularly appreciate the dashboard that allows me to see the progress of all our clients’ projects.
Cécile R. Directrice Marketing

Collaborate: move to collaborative project planning

Invite whoever you want to work in your project space with you. Share comments, files, and make your plans together according to each other’s actions.

Definition of the main stages of the project
Listing of actions to be carried out
Sharing key dates

Plan: achieve your goals on time

View actions, key dates, milestones… in the automated Gantt chart.

Modify the schedule directly with the drag and drop functionality.

Receive alerts and notifications with google calendar, Ical and Outlook synchronisation.

Customer experience
We adopted this solution to easily build our project schedules by client. We have saved a lot of time, especially in coordinating with our service providers.
Cyrill S. Directeur agence web

Manage your projects

Access key data and summaries of your projects in automated dashboards. Identify the progress of each project, track expenses, time allocated and risks.

We use Wekowork because it is the only tool that allows us to both manage projects and track the resources allocated to each project.
Anna. M, PMO

Visualize your data

From yourcompany On client meeting Fromhome Everywhereyou like

Work from wherever you want

Need to work remotely, connect to your workspace where and when you want.

I needed a collaborative solution so that my employees could work from home if they wanted to. Workkup is the ideal solution for remote teamwork.
Chloé R. Directrice PME transport

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Yookkan is an online project management software to structure, organize, plan your tasks and projects and to collaborate easily..