Collaborative tool for team collaboration

Wekowork, the collaborative tool for your team

Collaborative work software

Structure and share your project

Forget the management tools you use: excel tables, manual glove planning and more.

Wekowork is a collaborative tool that includes all the features you need to work in a team. A true collaborative work platform, Wekowork allows you to create project portfolios and promotes collective intelligence thanks to its key functionalities:

  • collaborative workspace
  • storage space
  • shared and automated online gantt
  • shared and automated kanban
  • file sharing
  • macroplanification
  • task management
  • dashboards

Share the progress of your actions

Each team member controls the progress of his actions or lists of actions. Thus, for each action, the project members indicate their progress. You can then visualize your team’s work in real time thanks to the centralization of all information. You can collaborate with the different members of your team on your online workspace.

Wekowork, the first complete and free collaborative tool

Choose a collaborative platform for your project management. Wekowork is the first work management platform integrating a free, complete and unlimited offer over time with storage space. Create workflows adapted to each business process and project, whether professional or private. A tool for everyday work, it is also a communication tool, once adopted it becomes an essential tool for working together.

View the progress of the project live

Thanks to the integrated and automated planning, you set up a visual management of your projects. You have a macro-planning allowing you to visualize all your projects on a single schedule. Need a detailed view of one of your projects? Display the gantt schedule specific to each project. It’s up to you to choose the granularity you need!

Work as a team even if you are on the other side of the world

work as a team all over the world

Whether you work on the other side of the world, at home or in the same office as your team, Wekowork allows you to work as a team. Our collaborative work platform allows you to connect from anywhere without installing software. Wekowork has been designed to facilitate the organization of team work in project mode regardless of the geographical location of its members.

Increase your productivity with a collaborative work solution

travail d'équipe efficace

Set up a collaborative operation

You no longer have to go to information-fishing to find out who is in charge of which site and how it is progressing.

Your project management is simplified because it is automated thanks to the automatic update of all data when a change is made. Your work organization is simplified because you have access to all the project information directly. Finally, you reduce your meeting times by an average of two because you no longer need to review the progress of each task.