Planning software : engineer using a good tool

Creating an online gantt chart has become very easy with the new online project management solutions

Need help to simplify the management of your project?

Collaborating to manage and schedule a project is never easy. The help of a collaborative planning software tool becomes essential.

Yookkan is one of the most comprehensive online planning tools available. It will make it easier for you to carry out your project planning tasks. Easy to use, Yookkan is one of the most complete project management tools on the market. Try our free version, and automate your site schedules, task management and dashboards online. With our online planning software, access the following features by creating an online collaborative project:

  • planning
  • Gantt chart
  • schedule management
  • kanban
  • task management
  • dashboards

Save time, Yookkan automates your project follow-up

Plan your project with your team

Building a schedule has never been easier with our planning software

No need to use complex management software to manage and control your project. is an intuitive online software that allows you to create project portfolios easily. […].

Identify the actions to be implemented and allocate them with the stakeholders. Their assignment is shared and everyone’s todo list is clear. Your team can modify the information on the action lists according to their constraints.

The data set is then automatically updated for a better time management and a better follow-up of the project progress. Thus, your schedule and your Kanban board integrate the new data as soon as you plan or modify a date. You can also update or adapt your workload plan and your task list according to the progress of the other members of your project team, your planning management is thus simplified


Simplify workflows and your Gantt chart with a planning software

Because an engineering project involves many different trades, Yookkan helps you to set up a collaborative work by gathering all the information of your project team. Increase your productivity by reducing the number of meetings and promoting online interactions. Goodbye emails, endless meetings to find out who has made progress on what topic and to plan each step, with Yookkan you can:

  • have access to everyone’s progress
  • partager un diagramme de Gantt
  • mentionner les jalons clefs
  • partager vos fichiers et livrables
  • share your action lists
  • identifier et partager les risques du projet
  • agile methods
  • write comments and share them

Plan your sprints easily by opting for online project management

Get feedback quickly

Online action planning

All actions and deliverables can be commented on by everyone.

With this management software, the project manager can make live feedbacks site by site or action by action. Easy to use, you can leave comments, team members receive notifications..

This mode of communication makes it possible to work better because it avoids going back and forth by email or in meetings. The agility of this planning software also allows the whole project team to be more involved in the project’s framing, progress and follow-up.