Web agencies, choose one of the best project management tools

All organizations have projects to manage and especially web development agencies. In order to facilitate their daily work and to better visualize the planning of different projects, developers are increasingly using SAAS online project management tools, including collaborative tools. If you are looking for the best project management tools, our complete solution is perfectly suited for you.

Wekowork, the SAAS solution for developer project planning

Project management strategy

Wekowork, an open source solution, assists you in project management at both strategic and operational levels.

The advantage of SAAS project management tools

Wekowork is a SAAS project management tool. This means that you have nothing to install, you can freely access the services offered by the software. Another advantage is that this software is designed to be ready to use in a few minutes. Whether you work as a team in an IT services company or as a freelancer, you do not need any specific training, whatever the type of project.

You can log into your Wekowork account, schedule and manage your tasks from any computer and even on your smartphone using the web application. Monitoring, communication, document and information sharing are simplified.

Finally, you do not have to pay for any license. Wekowork works with a subscription system and also offers a free offer for small teams, students, associations…

Choose the best project management tools for your web project

With our cloud solution, you benefit from a unique and optimized project management experience. Reduce your workload by halving your project management time.

You have an automated gantt chart to follow the progress of the project as closely as possible, a task manager, a file sharing system on your workspace.

You can also comment and give live feedback to your team. Wekowork is essential to improve your productivity and performance and your customer relationship management.

Wekowork helps you implement good project management practices

For your web project, IT project or information system, it is essential to set up an efficient project mode operation. Based on collaborative work, Wekowork is a complete work tool. It is adapted to agencies, very small businesses, and offers you key features to increase efficiency:

  • Kanban visualization: classification of tasks according to their status (in progress, to be done, completed)
  • a feedback system for cross-functional communication
  • list of tasks per member
  • visualization of key milestones
  • resource management
  • the centralization of all information: file sharing
  • time management with the gantt diagram
  • dashboards to monitor progress