Collaborative tool for students

Are you a student? Are you working with a group of students on a project? Need online software to work together? Learn about shared project management with Wekowork, the first project management tool adapted to students.

Share your ideas in one place

Wekowork is a project management tool designed for students, it allows you to centralize all your ideas, resources, links, input data. Create an online project on our shared work platform and store all your data.

Better time management

Divide the work to be done between you

You are several students working on the same rendering, project? Divide up the work. For that, once you have created a project on Wekowork, cut it into actions and each of you can assign them.

shared planning

View the deadlines for each

Each student fills in his or her action plan

He can indicate when he will start working on a topic or action, and how long it will take him.

You can then share your drafts, folders or other documents online and exchange them.

Wekowork, communication tool

Each team member can share files and comment on them, you can even invite your teachers or tutor to follow the progress of your project, just share the Wekowork link of your project. You can discuss online the progress of the project, the direction to take as well as make your feedback on the first folders or part of folders worked on. You then receive email notifications of comments and the latest developments of the project.

Complete your deliverables on time

No more surprises in the planning.

You have access to a shared and automatically generated Gantt chart. You can’t be surprised by the time. You can follow in real time the progress of each one, the blocking points or those requiring decision making.

It’s your turn to deliver your deliverables on time!

Pilot your work

With our online project management software, project management is fully automated. You can access your to do list, your kanban board, your gloves and your dashboard at any time. You can directly visualize the progress of each task as well as the blocking points. All you have to do is coordinate.