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Explore the most commonly used agile project management methods

There is a certain fashion of project management methodologies, the latter are marketed with names that are sought after in the end to be fairly simple and similar methods.

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Lean, lean six sigma, kanban, critical path, Gantt, Pert diagram: how not to get lost?

Especially since some of these methods come from industrial and therefore mass production, and are not necessarily adapted for a simpler project follow-up. Nevertheless, each of these methods is intended to improve team management and production time management.

This is why many companies and start-ups have adapted these agile methods. For Wekowork, the top 3 current management methods for planning a project are:

  • The project management plan (integrating risk management)
  • Kanban
  • Scrum

The PMP construction method

Construction plan management de projet

Construction of a project management plan is essential for any project.

Steering a project requires a framework upstream in order to break the project down into projects or lots by theme and then identify the tasks to be done on a site by site basis. The worksites are managed by managers who have to formalize the actions to be implemented as well as the key dates.

The project manager or project director coordinates and manages the entire project and is in charge of monitoring the dashboards. It gathers all the information to write the project management plan used as a basis for planning and building the Gantt chart. The more batch/construction site managers involved in the project, the more complicated the teamwork is and the more governance needs to be structured. This governance generally consists of 2 key bodies:

  • The Technical Committee
  • The steering committee

The role of the technical committee

The role of the technical committee is to bring up all the issues requiring arbitration by the steering committee. It proposes different scenarios to be studied by the steering committee.

The role of the steering committee

The steering committee is the decision-making body: it defines the orientations and arbitrates.

This method involves a clear organisation mode, identification of all stakeholders and requires an experienced project manager. To facilitate the work of the latter, Wekowork is the solution.

Kanban method

Le tableau kanban, la solution pour visualiser l'avancement d'un projet

The arrangement of actions is not by theme or site but according to their status, which allows a better visualization of the project’s progress.

Très utilisée initialement par les industries puis par les start ups, cette méthode agile est de plus en plus utilisée pour gérer des petits projets ou des projets rapides.

The Scrum method: focus on sprints

La méthode SCRUM

The Scrum is a complementary method to the Kanban.

Based on sprints, it aims to carry out intense production phases leading to a V0 of the deliverable.

This “scrum” is based on the selection of a set of actions to be carried out over a short period of time to produce an intermediate deliverable. The team or project manager then presents this deliverable to the client or sponsor to identify any necessary changes or adaptations.

Once the deliverable has been adjusted, the feedback phase begins, making it possible to clearly identify what worked or not during the production phase.

This method is mainly used in IT projects and in particular to develop the functionalities of software.

Project management methods adopted by Wekowork

Gantt en ligne

Wekowork is a tool organizers which offers a complete project management tool. By following the methodological advice step by step, you build a simple and effective project management plan.

From the data you have entered, Wekowork automatically builds a Kanban as well as an online Gantt. Then share all this data with your team and set up a collaborative work. You can share the planning, the action plan, set up a risk management

It’s your turn to manage your project! For more information, you can contact us below.