Why use project management software tool ?

Project management software is essential to increase efficiency! Throughout your planning and project management process, these collaborative solutions are essential.

Indeed, it is a tool that allows you to structure, organize and plan your work. Whether you are alone or part of a team, plan actions and tasks easily. Forget excel tables, discover complete management solutions, it’s time to manage your projects in collaborative mode.

Software to better coordinate your work and that of your teams

Project management software

Choose a complete project management tool

The chosen software must integrate functionalities to both build your project? to visualize it over time and monitor its progress. This is why it is advisable to choose an intuitive management tool, integrating a task manager and also a Gantt schedule. You can visualize the different tasks and the progress of the project over time. Also use this type of management application to distribute the actions and tasks to be performed among the different members of your project team.

The main advantages of using a project management tool

Use a project management tool to better collaborate

Collaborative work

With a collaborative work software such as Wekowork, create your project portfolios, identify and share the work to be done. You can invite as many people as you want to set up a project mode operation very easily. This collaborative work organization allows you to save a lot of time by avoiding the need to send and receive emails. Need to have a global vision of the progress of the different project portfolios, create your dashboards by selecting the desired data.

Project structuring software

Shared task manager, the key functionality of SaaS management solutions

Managing tasks and actions is particularly difficult when working with several people and especially when team members are far away. Online project management tools are becoming essential if you want to facilitate work and information flows within a team. With an online management solution you can set up resource management, visualize who is progressing on which theme and identify key dates and milestones.

Online Gantt

Time management, the key element of project management

By viewing live who is progressing on what topic via a gantt chart or kanban table, you can adjust the progress of your project management as best you can. Knowing better how each action is progressing allows you to adjust your project planning, identify risks in advance and thus avoid blockages as much as possible.

effective teamwork

Identify key deadlines

When building your Gantt planning, identify key milestones and deadlines. If you are the project manager, for each action identify the target start and end dates. You can then adjust your team’s schedules to find the critical path and avoid being blocked. If you use an agile project management method, such as the scrum method for example, a project management software like Wekowork will allow you to easily set up your sprints. You prefer to set up a classic management, this online software adapts perfectly.

With Wekowork, you can gather all the information in one place

Communicate more easily with your team

Create as many project portfolios as you want.

Our software allows you to gather all the information necessary for the realization of your project as well as the sharing of documents: attachments, files, images…

With our collaborative solution, you can also communicate with your team, customer or service provider, leaving comments action by action. Everyone then receives notifications and you then share all the information as best you can.