Choose an online gantt chart maker for your project management

Do you want to deploy your marketing strategy? It’s easy with the Yookkan shared project management tool. Define your marketing strategy and create your project online on our web application. You can share your strategy with your employees and define a list of everyone’s tasks. Project scheduling is very easy now !

define the objectives of a project

Have you defined your marketing objectives?

With Yookkan, break down your action plans by theme:

  • market survey
  • marketing
  • communication
  • media relations
  • influencing relationships
  • ….

Share your strategy with your employees with a complete solution

Have you defined the strategy of your various project portfolios?

It is time to use our online project management tool. For each project, you can distribute the key actions among each team member with our shared project management tool.

To do this, the project manager(s) invites the marketing team members to work on the online project by sending them the project link through our project management application. Everyone can then share in real time the list of tasks they will perform. You will be able to work in project mode by sharing your entire action plan and project schedule on our collaborative platform.

In your workspace you can define resource-allocation and keep tracking the milestone.

Break down a project into action lists

Easier planning

Our collaborative solution allows you to create and plan as many projects as you wish, they are grouped in your project portfolio. Intuitive, this online software allows you to create visual gantt charts in a few clicks. If you want to follow the progress of the project action by action, use the task management functionality. You can choose to view your actions according to their status with the automated Kanban board.

Consolidate all your project data in one place with SaaS software

Our project management platform allows you to store, and share all the key files needed to deploy your marketing strategy. You can share links, ideas, input data, deliverables, press reviews… As soon as a member of the project team changes an element of the project or changes milestones, for example, everyone receives a notification.

Project management strategy

Deploy your strategy

You can share and plan the actions to be done with your collaborators: the number of users is unlimited. Everyone can work effectively on their theme and share their progress by connecting to the online project. Need to share documents with the team? Attach your files to the actions. Thus with this management tool, you can centralize all key information.

You have access at any time to the action plans of the various members of the project team, so you can check at any time that the defined road map is respected. You can also adjust it according to the progress of the implementation of your strategy. With Yookkan, your project portfolio management is simplified and your project planning automated!

Simplify project management with a collaborative tool

With Yookkan, the work of the project manager is simplified because it is partly automated.

When a project team member changes a date in his or her to-do list, all data and dashboards are updated. Project management is therefore lighter and allows the team to be more productive. The project manager has a simplified time management and can work more on the substance with the teams.

Improve internal communication processes with a share project management tool

Divide the number of progress points by 2. With Yookkan, there is no need to run after the teams to find out who has made progress on which topic. Everyone reports their progress online and shares their key data. Do you want to set up risk management? View all key information with our risk management functionality. Try our free version!

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