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Do you work alone or in a team, do you need to plan or carry out a project management? Are you a project manager in charge of a project portfolio with different stakeholders?

If you work alone or in a team, or if you need to plan or carry out a project management project, Wekowork is for you. Are you a project manager in charge of a project portfolio with different stakeholders?

Piloter les listes de tâches avec un kanban

Key features of Wekowork

Wekowork offers a project methodology that supports you step by step and helps you to structure and organize your actions.

First, fill in the project title and start and end dates. Then Wekowork accompanies you to map and manage your project.

To do this, our application asks you to break down your project into projects (or list of actions) and actions to achieve the expected deliverable.

Our application then automatically generates a Gantt schedule allowing you to identify the different phases of your mission.

This is a real asset for managing a team, especially if the team is working on different themes.

Let’s take an example, you have an IT project: you want to implement a new software in your company. You can break down your action plan into several specific themes which will be arranged in action lists:

  1. Compilation of needs
  2. Preparation of the specifications
  3. Identification of service providers
  4. Provider’s choice
  5. Production start-up and management
  6. Experience feedback

Each of the worksites will then be divided into actions or task lists. For example, for the collection of needs you can:

  1. Carry out a questionnaire with the teams
  2. Analyze the questionnaire
  3. Write the needs synthesis
  4. Share the results with the management committee

Wekowork provides you with methodological support and invites you to create todolists so that you do not forget any key actions.

For each of these actions, the project manager must ensure that he/she clearly defines who is in charge of carrying them out and also that clear and shared deadlines are clearly defined.

What are the advantages of our web application?

online shared gantt

Our application guides you step by step to structure your project planning.

Once the structuring is done, Wekowork automatically realizes your planning in the form of a Gantt chart and puts your actions and todolists in a Kanban table. You have access to the progress of everyone’s work and can thus coordinate your team and manage resources in the best possible way.

In order to effectively manage the various projects, you can follow directly the progress of all actions, whether yours or those of your project team, through the reporting carried out in the dashboard section. Each employee can provide information on the time spent per action and the budget spent. You thus benefit from all the key functionalities for efficient project management:

  • monitoring of each other’s actions
  • time management
  • gestion des coûts
  • analyse de la faisabilité via la gestion des risques

Wekowork automatically generates dashboards per project allowing you to have an overview of the progress, risks and obstacles of your project.

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