Discover the new gantt chart creator online with Wekowork

Need to create and share a Gantt chart online easily ? Are you tired of using classic tools such as excel? Choose ease and ergonomics with our online gantt chart creator.

Wekowork to build your Gantt planning online

Make your todo list, Wekowork takes care of the rest

Identify all the actions to be implemented by creating one or more todo lists. For each of these different tasks, indicate the start and end dates. You can assign each of these tasks to a specific person. Do you want to add milestones, deliverable dates, meetings? Set up a professional project management with an innovative project management tool.

Automatically build your Gantt online

Click your Gantt appears

Once all the tasks have been defined, our Wekowork management tool automatically builds your Gantt schedule. No need to build your schedule on excel and then send it to have it validated. You have it available online and can invite as many Koworkers to work on it with you. The visualization of your tasks is clear, you can quickly identify all deadlines.

Need to identify the critical path?

critical path

Add a critical path to your schedule

If you want to view the critical path of your project, specify the dependencies between the different tasks. Our planning tool automatically creates the critical path on your schedule. You can view your project plan in 1 click.

The formatting is done automatically and you can change the order of the actions to optimize the project flow.

All you have to do is follow the progress of the project without having to worry about building the schedule.

Modify your Gantt chart in one click with the drag and drop

Need to change your schedule? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything.

No need to modify your excel file to change a date on your Gantt schedule. Simply click on the task and change the start or end date. Do you want to change it? Use the drag and drop the task where you want and the changes will be made automatically.