Task management tool –

Wekowork is 100% adaptable to your project

Share with your colleagues, friends or customers the progress of your project. Then become Koworkers thanks to the first project management tool including all the key features for an effective PMO. Define together the objectives of your project as well as the roles of each and the key milestones. This gives you an overview of your work and the progress of each task.

Project management applications : simplify your project planning

Build your project through our application and let yourself be guided by the proposed key steps. Indeed, you can create lists of actions to be done by theme, assign them to members of your project team, indicate key dates and deadlines, status, risks… Once these elements have been completed, Wekowork automatically generates the schedules and gantt necessary to manage your project.

Facilitate workflows with a project management tool

Our project management applications allow you to invite your project team and thus define who performs which action for when. Everyone can view the progress of the listed actions live and therefore define the optimal workflow.

  • Project structure tool
  • Shared planning
  • Shared gantt
  • Automated Kanban
  • Cost management
  • Risk management
  • Time management