Key features and functions

online shared gantt

Wekowork is the first web application with all the key functionalities for project management

Discover the first project management app designed to manage your project portfolios from start to finish. Create, structure, organize, share, manage! You have an intuitive and free tool based on visual management to improve your productivity and that of your team.

In addition, you have access in a single tool to all the key functionalities for agile project management. Indeed, no more need to get lost in power point or excel presentations, you now have access to your work online and can collaborate with your team.

Need to share the progress of your work? Automate and share the construction of your project tracking visuals with Wekowork from your task lists.

Project Scope

Prepare your meetings as well as possible and gain in efficiency!

With Wekowork, you no longer need to call each member of the project team to find out the status of their tasks and deliverables.

Thanks to the collaborative task manager, you can visualize the progress of each person’s task list. The project manager prepares upstream the project reporting thanks to the dashboard and notifications. Then our web application allows you to halve your meeting time and thus increase your productivity. This way you save time and simplify your project planning.

Online project management

The project management app: the solution for all your projects

Our project management application includes a task manager and all the functionalities necessary to manage a project. Wekowork integrates a project management approach that will help you plan your project step by step. Indeed, this online tool allows you to :

  • view all your current projects
  • hare your projects with your different teams or customers
  • manage your tasks
  • divide your projects into phases or groups and subdivide them into tasks
  • have a Kanban vision of the progress of each person’s task.
  • manage time, budget and risks
  • share your files
  • automate the construction of the Gantt for each of your projects
  • view progress with dashboards

List of actions to be implemented

for your management of project choose a collaborative platform

This first application dedicated to the PMO, is the collaborative solution designed to make it easier for you to manage your projects. As a true collaborative task manager, this application was designed and created by professionals in project and company management. We have worked on its ergonomics, Wekowork is designed for quick and intuitive handling and to make online work easier for you.

Indeed, our application will help you to:

  • structure your project
  • identify key steps
  • plan milestones and team meetings
  • monitor key deadlines and milestones
  • empower your team members
  • monitor the progress of each other’s work
  • coordinate and adjust action plans
  • identify risks and obstacles
Management of several projects

Opt for a multi-project management tool

Whether you are looking for a simple task manager or a SaaS project management tool allowing resource management, schedule building and agile methods implementation, Wekowork is designed for you.

Wekowork allows you to view the progress of several projects in parallel. Our project management application offers a macro-planning of the progress of your projects. Pilot all the actions of your projects thanks to the visual and synthetic dashboard.

Need an easy-to-use online project management tool?

Wekowork is a project management software created for quick learning, simplified planning and automated visual management. Indicate the key dates identified and your gantt diagram is built automatically. Try its free version, in a few minutes you can build your project and share it with your team.

Need an efficient and intuitive project platform?

Our collaborative work platform owes its effectiveness to:

  • its speed of handling
  • all the functions available, which allow you to follow all the facets of your project in one place.
  • .the possibility of welcoming Koworkers on your projects and thus to efficiently manage your entire mission

Wekowork’s team offers you a free version of this application presenting all the key functionalities for an efficient management of your missions. This application is a management tool compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows. Create a free account: no credit card is required and you have unlimited access over time.

You like our application, tell us about it! And above all, talk about it around you.

Improve the way you work now!