Try a collaborative tool for working with your team

Are you a student? Are you working with a group of students on a project? Learn about project management shared with Wekowork, the first project management app for students.

task schedule

Create a shared project

Are you working in a group on a common project? Are you looking for a free tool to share your projects online? Create your project and centralize all your ideas, resources, links, data, reports in one place with Wekowork. Store them in your online project and share them with other students in your group.

Manage task lists with a kanban

Choose your actions

Whether you are alone or working on a project with others, identify all the actions to be done, i.e. your to do list. To do this, create a project on Wekowork and break it down into main steps and actions. If you work in a group, you can then divide the work between you.

Communicate more easily

Wekowork, communication facilitator

Receive live e-mail notification of your project’s latest progress. You want to share the progress of your reflections with your teachers or tutors? Share your project with them simply by inviting them by email to see your project online by sending them the link of your project.

Shared planning

Visualize the progress and deadlines of each one

Each student can indicate when they plan to start working on a topic and for how long. You can view all this information on the online gantt schedule integrated in the application. From there, it is up to you to define the critical path to complete your project: it is a matter of prioritizing everyone’s actions in order to coordinate them as well as possible.

Project management

With Wekowork, project management is automated. You can at any time have access to your todo list, your kanban board or your dashboard which allows you to see the progress and blocking points. You only have to concentrate on your work, Wekowork takes care of the rest.