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What is a task manager

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A task manager: what for?

A task manager is a tool used to facilitate the organization of personal work or teamwork. It allows to list all the actions to be carried out to reach an objective. Using an online task manager makes it possible to organize, prioritize and monitor the work to be done or completed.

Wekowork: the new online task manager

Wekowork: the task manager optimized to make your daily work easier

With Wekowork, you manage your tasks simply by creating lists of actions to perform. You can indicate the level of urgency of your actions, the status, the % of progress. If you work in a team, distribute the tasks between the different members of your project team.

Efficiency increasingly depends on a thoughtful organization

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How to organize one’s work well?

A good organization of work requires a precise and complete breakdown of the tasks to be carried out for each of your projects. Once all the actions to be carried out have been identified, it is necessary to organize the tasks to be carried out and to prioritize them over time. Be careful not to start too many tasks at the same time, this is often counterproductive. Organizing everyone’s work as well as possible involves organizing the workflows with the collaborators. It is necessary to be able to imagine the coordination of each person’s work in order to carry out all of these actions without causing a blockage.

Why are we more efficient with a task management tool?

We are always more efficient when we know which path to take to reach a goal. A task manager allows you to map out the actions to be taken and to trace this path. By knowing what you have to do, you save time. You no longer need to wonder what tasks to implement on a daily basis, vs. knowing in advance what your work schedule is.